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Science Behind

Neural Up technology combines multiple parameters to induce automated and standardized regulation of neurophysiological parameters. It thus offers the user the possibility of becoming an actor in the control of his neuro-sensorimotor activities.

Musical stimulation as a gateway to your positive emotions

Gateway to Neural Up, music quickly activates the areas of the brain where emotions are processed. Beyond the listening pleasure it provides, music helps counteract negative emotions through the positive feelings it inspires, and helps divert attention from stress.

On a physiological level, listening to music has short-term effects on the autonomic nervous system, which regulates certain automatic functions of the body: heart rate, breathing,...

Musicothérapie relaxation santé mentale stress cerveau anxiété
Illusion acoustique hypnose musicale stress chronique

The acoustic illusion to "hack" the cycle of chronic stress

In order to end the cycle of chronic stress, thereby relieving pain and anxiety, Neural Up technology alters the spectrum of sound, a fundamental cue the brain uses to locate itself in space.


By modifying this spectrum, the Neural Up technology makes it possible to create acoustic illusions of space whatever the music being listened to (classical music, electronic, jazz, hip-hop, rock, folk, etc.), using just a pair of headphones. While the brain is busy resolving this illusion, the vegetative nervous system gradually and automatically regulates itself:


  • Gradual decrease in stress hormones circulating in the blood (adrenaline, ACTH, cortisol, etc.) between the body and the brain;

  • Inhibition of the circuit of fear and pain.

Synchronization of brain waves towards a desired emotional state

Neural Up technology generates a sound wave with spatio-temporal distortion effect based on the integrative and associative physiological mechanisms of human perception. This algorithmic sound wave will thus modulate brain activity. LAreas of the brain that might normally fire at different rates get in sync. 


The brain will thus be trained by the frequency and musical pattern of Neural Up to reach a desired cognitive and emotional state: 

  • Intense focus (gamma waves)

  • Feeling drowsy, relaxed or passively attentive (alpha waves)

  • Deep relaxation, state of introspection or meditation (theta waves)

  • Sleep (delta waves)

Ondes cérébrales concentration relaxation sommeil méditation

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