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Discover a unique wellness experience, for employees and organizations

Neural Up Business is the digital solution designed to support happier, more engaged and healthier employees.

By merging musical culture and neuroscience, Neural Up Business offers an inclusive approach to mental well-being, which allows your Human Resources services to improve employee productivity, engagement and overall well-being.


At any time. Within your organization or at their home. All on a smartphone.

Séance de relaxation grâce à Neural Up, application d'hypnose musicale
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The wellness solution that your organization needs


of users say they are happy after one session.


of overall emotional gain after a single session.


of stressed users declare themselves happy after a single session.


of tired users say they are happy after a single session.

Source: Study carried out with 2,000 users of the Neural Up mobile application. Emotional gain calculated using the abbreviated Profile of Mood State scale.Full-scale and short-form of the profile of mood states: a factor analytic comparison. Bourgeois, et al. (2010). J Sport Behav, 33(4).

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Provide an inclusive and personalized wellness experience

Music-Based Stress Hacking Solution

Neurosensory stimulation technology integrated into all musical genres, for an inclusive and personalized well-being experience.

Emotional self-assessment

Simple, engaging and scientifically validated emotional self-tests to perform at home, at work or on the go. All on a smartphone.

Tracking emotional progress

Monitoring of emotional state (energy, anger, confusion, fatigue and depression), session after session, week after week, month after month.

Managing employees emotional well-being wherever they are

Emotional well-being is no longer about location; the office is simply where your employees work. At Neural Up, our all-in-one platform enables your employees to take care of their mental well-being and your organization to take the overall emotional pulse of their teams. In real time, at the office or remotely.

Autonomous and personalized stress management experience

Engage your employees with an innovative emotional well-being solution, combining music and neuroscience.

No need for learning, active listening or introspection. A universal mechanism of action acts from the first session, and the effects are reinforced as the sessions progress.

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People Emotional Analytics-as-a-Service

Data Analytics to show where your employees need the most support.

Explore anonymized data on real-time app usage, emotional well-being status, stress indicators, employee engagement, ROI modeling, risk correlation and more.

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Why NeuralUp ?

Prevention of fatigue and burnout
Engagement and retention of your best talents
Identification of emotional risks
Happier and healthier employees
Explore crucial data to meet the needs of your employees

Our digital platform combines real-time anonymized emotional data from your teams and targeted KPIs from your organization (HR,  finance, sales, etc.) to help you:

  • Respond in the best possible way to the needs of your employees;

  • Evaluate the impact of your managerial strategy on well-being and engagement.

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Discover how Neural Up Business could support the emotional well-being of your organization

Join market-leading organizations that have changed the lives of their employees by providing an alternative and inclusive wellness solution.

On-demand scientific resources for your employees and your organization

Take advantage of an extensive library of on-demand educational articles and how-to tools written by scientific experts to help your employees better understand their daily stress and learn new avoidance, management and coping strategies.

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Make your organization a place of well-being for all

  • Free and unlimited access for every employee in your organization.

  • 150+ playlists for sleep, relaxation and focus, new music every week,

  • Unlimited access for your employees to a validated psychological test to assess levels of anxiety, fatigue, anger, confusion, depressive symptoms and energy.

  • Educational support to help your employees better understand their stress, its manifestations, and to learn new avoidance and management strategies.

  • Unlimited access for your organization to complete real-time dashboard including: app usage data, global and specific mental health indicators,

  • Integration of KPI data (performance, resource planning, internal climate, talent management and retention, etc.)

  • 30-day cancel anytime. No questions asked.

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