Cultivate Your Calm. Adopt Musical Hypnosis.

 Let yourself be carried away by enchanting benefits of music

Why is Neural Up Good For You?

Based on musical illusion technology, Neural Up is a  sensorineural solution that easily reboot your brain from chronic stress in few minutes.


Neurosciences encoded into rich music contents

Relaxation, sleep and focus programs

Daily mood tracking and progress monitoring

Education contents to help you relieve stress

Enjoy the Benefits of Musical Hypnosis

Encoded in all types of music (classical, jazz, pop, soul, electro, acoustic, ..), Neural Up interacts with many specific sensory parameters of the human body to help you "disconnect" from stressful thoughts.

Efficient Technology

A universal mechanism able to quickly "hack" the chronic stress cycle from the first session.

Entertaining Solution

No need for physical or psychic introspection, learning or active listening.

Simple & Natural

Activate human body's natural resources to quickly fight stress just listening music you love.

Day-to-Day Wellness Monitoring

Monitor anxiety, fatigue, confusion, depressive symptoms, anger and energy.

A universal mechanism  makes it possible to act from the first session, and the effects are reinforced as the sessions progress.

Listening to Musical Hypnosis

How Neural Up Take Care of your Health?

Helps you sleep better

Promotes sleep, without side effects

Decreases anxiety & depression

Improves the natural regulation of emotions

Reduces stress levels 

Hack the stress axis and calm the fear center

Improves attention & concentration

Strengthens the capacity for sustained attention


We All Love Neural Up!


I have problems falling asleep my son. It takes 3 hours to fall asleep, he gets up, runs everywhere.


Yesterday my son fell asleep in 17 minutes and today 12 minutes. I launch Neural Up at dinner, and he doesn't get up, he stays seated.


It's awesome!

Cassandre, mother

Featured On

"One of the 10 tech innovations that will change our daily lives", "Acoustic tech to zap stress and lull you into deep relaxation in few min", Award of "User Enhanced Experience" Challenge,...


Try Out  Neural Up!

* 7 days of free trial

* 50+ immersive music for sleep, relaxation and focus

* Have you been stressed out lately? Track your anxiety, fatigue, anger, confusion, depression, and energy levels daily

* Education feeds to help you better understand your stress and learn new avoidance, management and adaptation strategies


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