Listen. Relax. Sleep. Focus.

Neuroacoustique relaxation sessions Neural Up is both simple and effective, enabling you to :

  • Personalize your acoustic experience by choosing your favorite music tracks ;

  • Relax, using an anti-stress program, dive into a deep sleep, or improve your cognitive abilities via a focus program.

Anti-Stress Tech Embedded in Music

A selection of varied musical styles, from classical music to jazz, rap or electronic musicNeural Up is an anti-stress acoustic technology that can be embedded in varied musical styles, from classical music to jazz, rap or electronic music.

Whatever the musical style, an universal action mechanism allows to act from the first session, and the effects are reinforced session after session.

Day-to-Day Wellness Monitoring

Daily monitoring of your emotional state through a scientifically validated psychological testDaily monitoring of your mood state through a scientifically validated psychological test that can be conducted anywhere to :

  • Evaluate your mood state according to 5 mood items ;

  • Track your progress session after session.

Education Feeds to Manage Your Stress

Scientific articles to better understand what is stress ? What is not ? Good and bad experience with stress ? Strategies to manage daily live, work or sport stress ?


Neural Up education feed helps you to better understand the concept of stress, its manifestations,  and mechanisms, and to learn new avoidance, management and coping strategies.

A Unique Approach to Relaxation

Les programmes de stimulation acoustique Neural Up interagissent avec les mécanismes sensoriels de votre corps. Ce phénomène favorise la régulation de votre système nerveux autonome, induisant un état de relaxation intense. Ainsi, vous luttez contre les effets négaNeural Up unique technology does not require learning phase, active listening or brain stimulation. With Neural Up, you simply have to choose a piece of music, close your eyes and listen: Neural Up takes care of the rest!


This embedded technology in music uses a specific sound algorithm generating a wave of spatio-temporal distortion effect. Based on the physiological mechanisms of human perception, this sound wave modulates your nervous activity in order to induce a state of relaxation.


 ” I tested it after a workout in relaxation mode and it's bluish. After ten minutes I felt like I had taken an hour nap.
Very pleasant !