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Consequences of Work Stress for Companies

Absenteeism is an indicator of the negative impact of stress. The financial consequences are considerable (2 to 3 billion € per year), but these figures neglect the collateral consequences of work stress, affecting the performance of the company, through a drop in quality and productivity. Besides the economic impact, it is also the reputation of the company that can be weakened in a lasting way.

1 Mn

Workers are absent every day due to stress.

250 Mn

Working days lost annually in the U.S. from absenteeism are stress related and that one in five of all last minute no-shows are due to job stress.

$3.5 Mn

Estimated annual cost of unanticipated absenteeism for American companies ($600/worker/year).


Employee absences could be traced to psychological problems that were due to job stress.

Our Solutions for Business

Neural Up Webapp

Neural Up webapp presents features and contents specifically designed to answer the issue of well-being at work.

Neural Up webapp aims to offer more autonomy to employees in order to improve their well-being, through monitoring, detecting and managing their stress, and fight directly and daily against the negative effects of stress.

Employees can use the Neural Up webapp on their phone, tablet, or desktop. At work, at home, or on the go.


Bubble Zen is the fruit of a collaboration with the company Leet Design. It enables users to rapidly isolate themselves, relax and concentrate in densely populated environments, such as company premises, railway stations, or even airports.

Bubble Zen is a private space combining ergonomics, audio and visual isolation, along with all the components of a modern IT workstation: HD touch screen, microphone, webcam, LED lighting, USB, HDMI cord, etc. .

Neural Up Analytics

Neural Up Analytics is a complementary software brick that assesses the mood state and the level of commitment of the teams, in order to propose effective actions to improve well-being at work.

Thanks to statistical cross-referencing of Neural Up mood data and targeted company KPI data (management/HR, marketing, business, etc.), Neural Up Analytics provides a real time complete dashboard including well-being metrics, personalized advice, monitoring and evaluation of your HR and CSR actions to improve well-being at work.


Neural Up is an innovative solution, unique in the world, which should be made available by every companies for every  employees.”

Reynald Werquin, Veolia

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