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Mental preparation, neuromuscular recovery and neurosensory rehabilitation

Neural Up improves the ability to focus, to “hold something in mind”.


Athletes are better able to purposefully pay attention to what they choose to pay attention to and better able to maintain such attention over time.

Stress management

Although stress can be galvanizing for athlete, a too high dose can affect performance.


Athletes who adopt Neural Up can reduce their stress and be better prepared to perform during competitions.

Sleep patterns & Recovery time

Neural Up stimulates the relaxation response, a profound physiological change that is the opposite of a stress response.


This relaxation reaction can help eliminate stress, which is usually the cause of sleep and recovery disorders.

Mental Fitness, a Key to Sport Performance

Every athlete knows it, the biggest obstacle is sometimes in the head. Lack of concentration, stress, or mistakes can sabotage athletic performance, no matter how much you train.


There are 3 invaluable functions of Neural Up that are essential to sport performance :

Athlete focus with musical hypnosis

Benefits for Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is a fundamental step in restoring physical capacities in all injured individuals and in particular in athletes.

Efficient Technology

Optimization of neuro-sensory stimulation processes such as imaging protocols.

Entertaining Solution

No need for physical or psychic introspection, learning or active listening.

Global Solution

Brings together neurosensory and neuromotor work to improve treatments efficiency and quality of care.

Time Gain

Promotes almost immediate post-traumatic management, thereby limiting the negative effects of inactivity.

What Our Athletes Say

Runners who have integrated a Neural Up routine have shown a decrease in their racing concerns, suggesting that they have increased acceptance and comfort.

By having the ability to become aware and accept stress and negative thought patterns, without judgment, runners were more able to bear the anxieties associated with the sport and increase their ability to concentrate.

Dr. Jean Theurel, Endurance Coach

2019 Duathlon World Champion, 2020 Duathlon European Champion, 2019 Half-Marathon French Champion

Sport recovery with musical hypnosis
Athlete performance with musical hypnosis
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