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Let's Build the Future of Health.

Enable everyone to take charge of their health in a preventive way

Neural Up is developed by iCare Sciences, a young French start-up created in 2018, specialized in the development of solutions dedicated to preventive and personnalized medicine.


Characterized by its strong scientific skill, iCare Sciences also provides advice and support to large companies on the issue of well-being at work.

iCare Sciences has indeed developed a range of services for companies for the evaluation of biomechanical, physiological and mental constraints in workplace. This analysis helps guide companies towards the most suitable physical and mental assistance solutions for reducing arduous work and improving the quality of life of employees.


Research and innovation in sport, health and well-being industries


Development of technological user-centered solutions


Design thinking, analysis and scientific validation of health/wellness/sport solutions



Chris Hayot, PhD

  • Chris Hayot LinkedIn Profile

PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanics of the Pprime Institute of Poitiers (France) in 2010, Chris is a specialist in human activity analysis and has 10 years of experience in innovation in sport and health.

Researcher and R&D/innovation consultant in the health and sports area, he worked for the French National Center for Scientific Research and collaborated with international industrial groups, leaders in the sports and health markets, sports and health public institutions.

In 2018, he founded with Gil Borelli, the company iCare Sciences. Within the company, in addition to management, Chris is in charge of the design, implementation and technical evaluation of iCare Sciences’ solutions.


Gil Borelli, PhD

  • Gil Borelli LinkedIn Profile

Gil holds a PhD in physiology and is the author of postdoctoral work in the field of neuromuscular fatigue.


Scientific training combined with a very high level sporting career has allowed him to evolve in a collective multicultural and multidisciplinary environment. He exercised his skills in research and technological innovation project management to support the success of industrial projects of SMEs and large companies.

Gil founded with Chris Hayot, the company iCare Sciences in 2018. He ensures the missions of operational manager as well as product manager of Neural Up.